Transportation of goods and people has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, with the growth of economic activity. For various reasons, people relocate to different places, and generally retain as many of their movable goods as possible. We offer excellent services for the transport of household goods as well as commercial goods. Based on our experience, we have formed several service packages, which cover the broad range of packing and moving services that customers require. But there is no rigidity in our approach: need-based services can always be worked out.


The most important type of relocation among all is household shifting. This process can be strenuous one. Great care has to be taken while moving the goods. There is need to use skills and techniques. The household goods can be divided in many categories like kitchen goods, decorative pieces, glassware, furniture, valuables like laptops etc. It is not possible for a person to do all alone as there is chance of getting any goods destroyed. So why take chance? Just call SHRI KRISHNA LOGISTICS and movers for household shifting services.


We at SHRI KRISHNA LOGISTICS like to announce that we are the foremost packers and movers company in India and we specialise in house relocation services. We make our services available to an extensive range of worldwide customers and deal in number of relocation services like household relocation, office relocation, Industrial relocation, corporate shifting etc. We specialise in House relocation services and make your household shifting a comfort zone. So if you are willing to change your residence then just count on us, we are ready to take away all your troubles.


Homes as well offices are getting smaller and smaller and real estate prices are increasing these days, As a result many individuals are downsizing and putting extra goods in storage. Items that are not needed at the point or can not be accommodated (because of some restructuring activity, lack of space etc) can be safely kept in warehouses for a specified time frame. Also, due to security reasons, JIT (just in time) practices and many other factors, the warehousing or storage facility has gained special importance. There can be several other reasons because of which private people and businesses need to store goods.


Now a days people are moving and relocating their places frequently certainly no one can denies, come to the reason for relocation occurs due to several reasons such as natural calamity, job transfer, business, higher studies and etc. apart from, there are many other reasons of shifting for instance, they move place to place because they are looking for different needs, different opportunities, a new life, different weather, or territories to live in. there are several relocation companies that offer a comprehensive solution to problems that arise during the process of hectic and boring tasks of relocation.